Time clocks for Oracle Cloud Time and Labor

Designed specifically to make your job a whole lot easier and make YOU look like the hero.


Tiimecom is an Oracle Validated Solution




timecom for Oracle

Timecom® is a cloud-based employee time and attendance tracking and employee self-service (ESS) solution that seamlessly integrates with Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor.


Durable time clocks

Our time clocks are long-lasting.  They provide your customers the opportunity to maximize their ROI on Oracle Cloud Time and Labor

Fast integration

Build once and deploy everywhere.  Timecom's proven deployment strategy gets your customers up and running in as little as 8 weeks.

Superior Customer Care

The ATS customer care team is 100% committed to our customers  After all, your success is OUR success.


Getting a fast ROI for your Business is Our #1 priority


We get how important it is for Oracle to have their customers get a quick return on their technology investment.  With TimeCom, we can guarantee that you will start benefiting quickly from a solid and secure integration.  

PeoplePoint Plus™ and premium™

The PeoplePoint Plus™ and Premium™ delivers rich graphics and video content on a 7” and 10' display. Along with our long list of standard features, the PeoplePoints allow for additional features such as: built-in high-fidelity speakers, a camera with a wide view angle, and a powerful processor that allows users to interact efficiently with the device.

plus and premium time clock

Wonderfully Customizable

Timecom is not a standard solution.  Everyone of our customers have varying degrees of requirements. At ATS we strive to meet your customer's business and timekeeping needs.  We work with each customer to develop an integration solution that works for them.  Our flexibility is what makes us different from other competitors. 

time clocks for oracle cloud time and labor

Let us know how we can help!

When your customers are ready, we'll be here to help them achieve a quick ROI on their investment in Oracle Cloud Time and Labor. 

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