Create a Seamless Integration with Only|you™ Face 

You can easily integrate Only|You™ Facial Recognition System with your time collection application. The seamless Integration ensures a secure and reliable way for your customers’ employees to access the time clock functionality.


Benefits of Stride®80 with facial recognition 

  • Only|You™ face is safe and secure. 
  • ATS provides ongoing Only|You™ facial recognition support and delivers secure remote software updates.
  • Only|You™ significantly reduces buddy punching and time theft.
  • The User Interface, IDassist, accurately guides users during enrollment or regular use.
  • Only|You™ increases staff and workers’ safety.
STRIDE80 Now With Facial RECOGNITION (800 × 540 px)-3

Only|you Face Two Factor Verification

Only|You Face ensures accurate payroll processing by integrating with your customers' pre-existing employee credentials, providing a secure two-factor verification process.

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