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Android-Based Time Clocks Can Help You Sell More of Your T&A Software, Increase Your Profit, and Create Customer Loyalty!

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  • Give your customers one more reason to be loyal.
  • Remain competitive and achieve your business goals.


Everything you need to know about what to offer your customers.

In this ebook, we’re going to fully examine what features and possible requirements your customers might have in a time clock so you can identify what types of configurations will benefit your customer base, which in turn – benefits you.

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Express Exchange Service

In the event of a field time clock failure, the Express Exchange Service (EES) provides a replacement time clock within one business day. The ATS EES Support Team will send a new or refurbished time clock to the Client overnight, greatly reducing downtime versus a standard repair schedule.



Let ATS do the heavy lifting. By provisioning your customers' clocks at the source, you are free from warehousing, software uploads, and shipping; freeing your resources to help you grow your business. Ask us about our terminal provisioning and drop shipping services.



We know how time consuming this task can be so let us make it easy for you. We will mount, connect and set up your customers terminals so you don't have to.  From a few locations to hundreds. Anywhere in the world.